2016, Olympics held in South America!

Caring about which city would be the host of the 2016 Olympics, I was shocked by the news (abc news) that the International Olympic Committee picked Rio de Janeiro as the host city for the 2016 Olympic Games which means that Brazil will be the first South America city to host the Olympics. This news might be only a shock to the world but definitely a disappointment to the White House and undoultedly to the president Obama and his wife, the fist lady. Even though having the support from the American president, Barack Obama, and first lady, to many suprise, Chicago still gained the least vote in the first round. President Obama went to support his wife but what he got was just disappointment. Even though he keeped on emphasizing that Chicago was the best choise in his mind, yet no one can change the final result. From his words, I can feel that he was unreconciled to the result and was quite proud of his hometown, or maybe he just wanted to quench the distrust of the civilians. Anyway, he believed that his country was always the strongest and best and also, he wanted to show that to the whole world. Having got lots of things done for Chicago in order to get the right to host 2016 Olympic Games, feeling uncomfortable for the result is natural. Simultaneously, I do think the loss of the right to host the Olympics is also a great strike to the whole America in such a situation that the financial storm hasn’t drastically ended, so that the loss is just like rubbing salt in wounds. Anyway, even though the Olympics couldn’t be held in Chicago, no one will doubt that the US is still the most powerful country in the world at present. That’s all what I think about the event and that only represent my own opinion. Welcome comments!


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