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Religion or HIstory?

         When Bible becomes real history, will the United States change into a one-religion country? At that time, who will still claim for the freedom of religion? With these questions, I started reading the article, How Christian Were the Founders, on The New York Times.

         As we all know that Texas is normally a model of education in American which means that the Board of Education of Texas may also influence other states in America. To make up Texas State Board of Education, Christian fundamentalists allege that the schools in Texas should adjust American-history textbooks to highlight role of Christianity and history should be taught in Christian perspectives. The fundamentalist also found several reasons for their “fundamental” theory.

         First of all, they claimed that America is a “Christian Nation”. As Don McLeroy said, “The men who wrote the Constitution were Christians who knew the Bible.” With this proclamation, McLeroy, as a total Christian fundamentalist, convinced that the United States should be a “Christian Nation” and the school board of education should adjust history textbooks with Christianity. I strongly disagree with this point of view. For one thing, McLeroy is not a historian himself as he said “I’m a dentist, not a historian,” so he don’t understand how essential it is to keep the truth of history. Just like his announcement that he is a “creationist” who believes that “the earth was created in six days…less than 10000 years ago”. When I imagine that this ridiculous statement will be taught in schools, I am totally driven crazy. For another, if history is taught in Christian perspective, students will not treat history critically and objective. History should be taught properly but not emphasize on the weight of anyone or anything. Furthermore, religion is just a mental support for people but shouldn’t influence the history. Religion can be a part of history but shouldn’t govern the whole history. Even though the person who wrote the constitution is a Christian, people still have the right to know the neutral truth about American history.

         Moreover, they claim that the ideas of individual rights and free market system are based on “biblical principles”. I think that’s just a guess and imagination. If these ideas may come from the bible, it also may come from other literatures. Also, parents should have rights not to let their kid learn the history in Christian perspective. When parents are not Christians and their kids learned the history in Christian perspective, the education between school and family may have confliction.

        As Ralph Reed said, “I would rather have a thousand school-board members than one president and no school board members”, the history of the United States should be taught impartially but not only using one perspective. This is also a respect to history.


Dangerous Strategy—-Apple’s Patent Lawsuit

As we all know, Apple has become one of the most influential companies with great cutting edge technology groups in the world. IPhone, as one of the most important inventions of Apple, is now common used by people. The touchable screen has attracted millions of customers. This week Apple profiled a lawsuit against HTC, a Taiwanese electronic company. In this article, the author standing on Apple’s side analyzed the inside threat of filing the lawsuit.

         In 2007, Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, explained that Apple’s new touch screen was so perceptive and intelligent that you could use it without a stylus and it could detect and disregard unintentional touches and understand complicated multifinger gestures. He then emphasized how unique the technology is.

       Actually, the author explained that this is a substitute war about Apple vs. Google. HTC whose phones run Google’s Android operating system was litigated that its devices broke 20 Apple patents related to iphone. The author, however, claimed it a dangerous and stupid act.

       First of all, it’s not just about Google and Apple. This lawsuit can apply to every Apple rivals like Microsoft, Blackberry’s manufacturer and so on. In three year, now, almost all company makes multi-touch phones. The multi-touch technology is not unique at all, it’s omnipresent now. This lawsuit is a dangerous strategy for Apple. According to the author, the patent lawsuits normally take years to go through the court and get not exact benefit from it. This lawsuit is not good for almost everyone. Obviously, it’s not good for competitors. Also, it’s not good for customers, business depend on smart phones, mobile-software makers and so on. Lastly, it doesn’t help much to Apple itself. This case will definitely arouse the competitor’s uncertainty. The author was quite sure that all other companies will use its legal department to find out he violate part between iPhone and its own product.

       Moreover, the author said that the crying from industry have long pointed out that “the system for patenting software is broken”. According to the author, the patent related to software is always rest in doubtful legal, so neither Apple nor any other company should be able to claim ownership of such a “basic and far-ranging tech conception”. The author also predicted that Apple would lose this lawsuit.

       In my opinion, I, as a customer, also don’t support this lawsuit as it definitely caused problem for customers. It caused hesitation when buying the phones. We will doubt about the patent of other companies and at the same time, we will be uncertain whether Apple may win this lawsuit. Who will buy a phone that someday its system might be claimed illegal?

       For those all reasons, I really feels concerns about this lawsuit.