Black History Month: Remain or Not?

            February comes with controversy. Black History Month was designed to remind Americans of the awareness about the contributions of African Americans. These days, however, the necessarily of the Black History Month has become a question. Some critics claim that remaining Black History Month is still significant while some others think that we shouldn’t keep the Black History Month anymore. I found an article in the Root which claimed that we still need February.

            First of all, the author expressed one reason that the election of Barack Obama didn’t mean that discrimination finally disappeared. The author thinks that the election of Obama doesn’t mean that we don’t need to emphasize and pay attention to the Black history anymore. Racial problem still exist in our life.

            Moreover, the author wrote his point of view that some lessons like“Alfred and Felecia go to the polls” which is about the voting history are not taught in some non-black schools. In non-black schools, students only learn black history lessons on a specific day in a week and that won’t cause much attention to the class. That’s why some white children don’t understand why when Obama was elected, some people cried. The Black History Month may attract more emphasis on Black History.

            I pretty agree with the author’s argument that Obama doesn’t represent all black people. We shouldn’t abolish the Black History Month just because of the election of Barack Obama. For another part, however, I do think that the schools should put more emphasis to the Black History but not celebrate only for a month; especially this month is the shortest month. The Black History Month may make people misunderstand that we don’t need to pay attention to the black history except for February. Also, I think Black History should be intertwined in American history but not separated. The celebration of February may cause people think that Black History are separated as it is celebrated separately. I mainly think that we should emphasize the Black History by improving education in schools but not only celebrated in a month.


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  1. clairessy Said:

    This reminds me of a phrase: American history is African American history.
    I mostly agree with you and the article. Even though United States is having a black president, the black history month shoud be kept. History shoud not be forgotten, racism still remains. If the contry has universal equality, then there is no point reiterating African American in the history because it will just be painful and it can even raise unnecessary animosity. However, discrimination does exist untill now. People should still be working on with this issue.
    On the other hand, I don’t think celebrating this month will let people think that we should only focus on this topic on Feburary. Instead of thinking of it that way, any mature person will understand that the reason why there is this month for African American is that this issue is extremely important in American history.

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