Brown’s “Negro” Dialect

I was attracted by the title of this journal as I browse the website. I really wonder how the “Negro” dialect influences Scott Brown’s work. The author firstly expressed several similar points between Scott Brown and Barack Obama and then described his view about the dialect of Brown.

       First of all, he pointed out the resume similarity between Barack Obama and Scott Brown. They have close age and they are both lawyers. They both got married with a woman with high-powered career. Their daughters and their politic life all have surprisingly parallels. I pretty agree with this portray. Actually, when I first found out those similarities, I was shocked and even confused. How could two “strangers” lead such a similar life?

       Moreover, the author thinks that the “Negro” dialect of Scott Brown would bring a tough job for him. First, he conveyed his opinion that the dialect may bring tough time of speech. Also, the author generally has an instinctive reaction to “terrible” dialects. In my opinion, however, I feel quite uncomfortable with the writer’s idea. People living in different cultures having language barrier is normal. I think the author view this as a problem is totally wrong and egotism. There are lots of people with different dialects, so how can the author define “success” only regarding to the dialects?

       Generally saying, I think the author has prejudice about the dialects. Also, education does not show out from the dialect but from the exact information conveyed by the speaker.


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