“Can jazz be saved?”—–This Teenager Has Got It

Yesterday, someone suddenly asked me whether I listen to jazz and I nodded my head, but after then, I found that I know really few about jazz. After searching, I knew that jazz is a musical form that was created in 20th century by African Americans. This form of music, in my view, created a history of music in America. However, as the rise of some other kinds of music, jazz is abandoned by more and more teenagers as it doesn’t even smell funny. When I browsed to this article, Terry Teachout’s words, “I don’t know how to get young people to listen to jazz again,” attracted me. The article also mentioned a young girl named Hailey Niswanger, a student in Boston’s Berklee College, who published a CD named “Confeddie”. Niswanger wrote all arrangements for the album and collaborated with three other students in Berklee College. She is obviously a talent girl who not only listens to jazz, but also performs jazz well. It effectively helped the spread of jazz among young people.


       I sometimes also listen to jazz, but it’s just before I go to bed. Jazz definitely has its own enchantment but it has lost in the history in my mind. Jazz these days is kind of boring without any attraction. I really hope that this girl and her band can revive jazz and dig out the real charm of jazz. I also like Niswanger’s insistence in music. Even though jazz is no longer popular among young people now, she still insisted in it and successfully published her own CD. If all the jazz performers can insist in jazz and do their best to let others know the charm of jazz, how won’t jazz become popular again in the society?


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