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“Can jazz be saved?”—–This Teenager Has Got It

Yesterday, someone suddenly asked me whether I listen to jazz and I nodded my head, but after then, I found that I know really few about jazz. After searching, I knew that jazz is a musical form that was created in 20th century by African Americans. This form of music, in my view, created a history of music in America. However, as the rise of some other kinds of music, jazz is abandoned by more and more teenagers as it doesn’t even smell funny. When I browsed to this article, Terry Teachout’s words, “I don’t know how to get young people to listen to jazz again,” attracted me. The article also mentioned a young girl named Hailey Niswanger, a student in Boston’s Berklee College, who published a CD named “Confeddie”. Niswanger wrote all arrangements for the album and collaborated with three other students in Berklee College. She is obviously a talent girl who not only listens to jazz, but also performs jazz well. It effectively helped the spread of jazz among young people.


       I sometimes also listen to jazz, but it’s just before I go to bed. Jazz definitely has its own enchantment but it has lost in the history in my mind. Jazz these days is kind of boring without any attraction. I really hope that this girl and her band can revive jazz and dig out the real charm of jazz. I also like Niswanger’s insistence in music. Even though jazz is no longer popular among young people now, she still insisted in it and successfully published her own CD. If all the jazz performers can insist in jazz and do their best to let others know the charm of jazz, how won’t jazz become popular again in the society?


The Greatest Generatioin(of Networkers)?

        Are they joking? This is my first reaction when I saw the phrase “multitasking ability” in this article. At first, when I mentioned the title of the article, I thought it might be just a sarcasm about the fact of the lives of teenagers have involved too many technology. This article, however, is totally different with my expectation. It’s mainly talking about an argument of whether students in school should use too much time on texting each other and the stand point of this article, surprisingly, supports teenagers to text each other “over 7 hours”! There are several points to support this stand of view. First of all, chief among the students can accomplish a great deal of tasks at the same time which are having conversations with friends through text-massaging, checking Facebook and studying at the same time. This is called by some experts as “multitasking ability”. With that ability, when they became an employee, they will serve their employers well. Secondly, students will become more socialized as they have more conversation with others via text-massaging. Moreover, the student can communicate and discuss effectively to solve their problems and ultimately get their work done.

Students sending massage..

         Although the reasons above are seemed reasonable, it’s my point of view that student shouldn’t sending text too frequently, especially at class, and also shouldn’t use cell phone for too long time as some use it “from the moment they open their eyes in the morning until they close their eyes at night.” I also got some reasons for that. For one thing, the vast majority of the texts students send to each other are futile and trivial, like “what are you doing?” or “who did you have dinner with”, etc. For another, the students who use too much text-massaging or Facebook normally have weak face-to-face interpersonal skills. Maybe some people will say that living in this modern society with so many edge-cutting technologies is unnecessary to talk face to face. Sending Email is much more effective than talking face to face. The only words I want to say is what about your family? Do you only send emails to your parents without talking to them? That’s ridiculous! The last point I’d like to mention is that as experts tested a long time ago, multitasking ability doesn’t exist at all. It’s just a fake. Here is a video that explained it clearly:

That’s to say, students have to abandon to doing one thing when they are doing another thing. Obviously, most of them choose to abandon listening to their teacher at class when they are sending text to each other and that’s terrible. These reasons are why I insist that we shouldn’t use cell phone to send text or check Facebook all day round.