Teen Violence: Is there a solution?

Let me begin to talk about this topic with a Justice Department survey in America. There are more than 60 percent of the young people who took part in this survey say they experienced violence in the past year which means teen violence always exists around us. Here’s a piece of news on October 8th. A boy named Derrion Albert, who was just 16 years old, was killed recently as he got caught in the middle of a street fight in Chicago. 

Hope everyone can watch the Video below!!

Only after seeing this news, did I realize that youth violence needs solution! To be honest, I have never experienced that kind of thing in my life. I,however, also felt incredible and horrible to see that youth violence news can be found nearly everyday on newspaper. Today, October 9th, I also found news about teen violence. This news is mainly about girl fight. Ten-year-old Rikki Triana of Erie, Pa.,was beaten by two other girls , ages 10 and 11. She took her younger sister to the playground and the two girls to splashing her younger sister with water. When Rikki asked them to stop, they hit her on head and legs. Now, Rikki still remains in hospital with a broken hip. This kind of stories really staggered me and It’s my opinion that we should attach great importance to this problem.

 ERIC HOLDER, U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL: Youth violence is not a Chicago problem, any more than it is a black problem, a white problem or a Hispanic problem. It is something that affects communities big and small and people of all races and all colors. It is an American problem.(CNN.com)

I especially agree with his point of view. If this kind of violence can happen in Chicago, it can occur in every city. Also, I think not only America but also the whole world should pay more attention to this problem. As we all know, teenagers are the future of the country and of the whole world which means this kind of problem may influence the future.

Moreover, I think the cause of the teen violence can be separated into three important aspects. First one is individual factors such as low behavior control ability, family factors such as low family education and income or family violence and social factors like racial discrimination. There are really lots of reasons for teen violence  and that’s why this problem is really hard to solved drastically.

I think we really need to look for some solutions for the teen violence. Here ‘s my opinions. Firstly, I don’t think punishment is the best way. Punishment sometimes may even cause more violence, so we should change them from inside which means change their thinking. Besides, parents and schools also should enhance this part of education and avoid their kids from watching some violence video, playing some violence computer games, etc. and enhance monitoring and supervision of their children.  That’s all I can think of, and I’m waiting for your solutions and comments..




  1. Eric H. Said:

    This is a very crutial topic to bring up, as violence among teens rise across the counrty. There are many causes that can lead to violence like the kind displayed in that touching movie clip you posted. Like you said, issues at home can be a cuase, but alos it is violence in video games. Games like Call of Duty and Halo have a very violent nature in them and it may lead kids to think that violence is ok. Also, movies play a big role too. If a young teen just saw the newest action flick in wich someone is violently killed, they may think “o hey, its ok because it was in a movie” and then express violence towards others

  2. Roy Wong Said:

    Thatz awful and ridiculous. MLK and many other people had worked on a non-violence world. and their efforts did change a lot of adults and affect for a long time, however, now the teenagers were using violence to solve the problems in between their friends?! is that necessary? as the owner of this blog said, maybe it was caused by playing too many violence games or watching too many violence shows. in my opinion, parents should care more about their children, and school should also have a class about not using violence to solve teenagers’ problems. that may help.

  3. clairessy Said:

    Hi Elaine! I actually tended to choose this same article. It makes me feel so sad. You are definitely right: we should pay more attention to this kind of case. But in my opinion, punishment is necessary. Even adults who committ crimes will be punished, how can we cancel the punishment? Well, true it is not a perfect way, but SOME punishments are needed. It is also important for educator to think about how to take care of teens’ mental health. This can fundamentally prevent the school violence. Right?

  4. bkjung Said:

    I don’t know who put some music on this video clip but that music makes me feel so sad. I thought that it is only matter in our country because I think in America, people are so peaceful and nice but I realized that violence still exists in here. I hope it will disappear in some days.

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